May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere


"YOUTH MOVEMENT" because the word "movement" has a connotation of vitality, dynamism and a united front towards one goal: to love Jesus Christ. It is made up of young men and women from approximately 15 to 23 years of age, to whom we offer the opportunity to get together to search for and come to know, love and serve Jesus as a group.

DISCIPLE. We wish above all to esteem the work of Redemption on a personal level and also to understand the indispensable place of prayer in our lives. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, by the Father's WiII and in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, revealed to us the love of the Trinity by becoming man. He revealed His Word and His mercy, He redeemed us by His death and He gave us eternal life by His resurrection. From this knowledge there arises within us the desire to belong to Christ.

PRAYERFUL. To truly be a disciple we have to tap into prayer and therefore a disciple has to be rooted in prayer.

MARIAN: In the incarnation of the Son of God, a woman intervened as a mother, who is also our Mother and the Mother of the Church, Mary. We need her assistance as an intercessor and teacher to learn to know Jesus and to follow His example. For this reason, the prayerful disciple also has to be a fervent child of Holy Mary.


APOSTOLlC. At the same time, a disciple feels the urgent need to do apostolate because he/she wants to communicate to others the richness that he/she has been progressively discovering.

REDEMPTION. We delve into the understanding of these mysteries and of the merciful and universal work of redemption that we want to communicate and share with others.

Thus, the acronym in Spanish: DOYMAR (DiscÍpulo, Orante y Mariano Apostólico de la Redención). Prayerful and Marian-Apostolic Disciples of Redemption

We want to encourage the youth of this movement to share the Charism of our Institute by promoting a variety of vocations and helping them discover new ways to put our spirituality and our mission into practice in their particular life style.


This is a lay branch affiliated to the Institute of Daughter of Holy Mary of the Heart of Jesus. Its patroness is Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, our mother and the best teacher to know, love and be united with Her Divine Son.

There are four categories of membership depending on the stage of life each person is in: Eucharistic Children, Traveling Teens (adolescents), Pilgrim Youth (young adults) and Solidary Associates (adults).

Inquire at your school or at a location near you how you can become a member.

EUCHARISTIC CHILDREN: 7 - 10 years old.

TRAVELING TEENS: 11-15 years old.

PILGRIM YOUTH: 15-24 years old.

SOLIDARY ASSOCIATE WOMEN: starting at 24 years old.